Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Thought For Today: Not Made In Japan

In all my years on this planet, today when shopping online for a new monitor, was the first time I consciously made country of origin; not Japanese, a prerequisite in my considerations.

Ain't that so Teddy?


  1. Jeez Teddy, I have not been around for a couple of days and my God you have been working hard, why are these comment sections not filled with well...comments ???? Great work, Rhino horn ? so many causes when will we find the time to fight for them all?


    A Japanese translator, names only ? you may be able to fiddle with this and use it in one of your posts. I just entered my name and it looked rather nice, this way you can get the letters and write one of your colourful posts. ..of course it won't mean a thing to me but the Japanese will understand...which is the whole point in getting the message across.

  3. テディ thanks you very much.