Thursday, 10 February 2011

Greenpeace. So What You Are Saying Effectively, Is, That You Are A Waste Of Fucking Time

That's the trouble with (self righteous) principles, they do tend to get in the way of purpose.

I have just done a little search of the web, looking for the story of Mandy Rice-Davies in order to use it analogously with how I perceive this statement from Greenpeace. I was then, having found a reference, going to write a few words on charities and my relationship with them. Funny then, that the Google search threw up these few lines on the very subject, not so funny though, that I can't even remember writing them, but write them I did, back in 2005, albeit under a different handle.

And the hooker? yes, she still haunts me on occasion.

"The sick do not ask if the hand that smooths their pillow is pure, nor the dying care if the lips that touch their brow have known sin"

MARKED FOR LIFE. During the mid sixties two prostitutes, Mandy Rice-Davies and Christine Keeler, gained, in the quintessential English way, great notoriety. The latter was instrumental in bringing the government down. Whereas a cabinet minister sleeping with a prostitute was hardly new, a cabinet minister sleeping with the same prostitute that was also sleeping with a KGB officer did cause a slight ripple in the then government of Harold McMillan.

Mandy Rice was a beautiful society girl who got her kicks out of hooking. It escapes me after so many years, but there was I think some terrible famine in the world. Mandy held a hunt ball, the proceeds to go to Oxfam, the largest famine relief charity in the UK. Now you don't have to be Einstien to no where this story is headed. Sure enough Oxfam were too righteous to accept the money.

From that day to this, not one copper penny have I donated to organised charities, (the lifeboat service apart and latterly SSCS) All my giving has been to the man and woman on the street. I have given directly to those in need.

Whilst I am writing of money and prostitutes, I want to try and get rid of a ghost: Amsterdam, six am. I am approached by a hooker, a poor wretch of a woman. I was hardly going to go with her, (she being possessed of both eyes, both legs and me being off my face) but there was a fear and hopelessness in those eyes. It was obvious she dare not go home without turning a trick. I could well have afforded to have given her the money and sent her home, I didn't. It haunts me still.

Greenpeace: Paul Watson has made many public requests for Greenpeace to reveal the location of the whaling fleet or otherwise cooperate with SSCS in the Southern Ocean when the ships of both organizations have been there simultaneously.

We passionately want to stop whaling, and will do so peacefully. That’s why we won’t help Sea Shepherd. Greenpeace is committed to non-violence and we’ll never, ever, change that; not for anything. If we helped Sea Shepherd to find the whaling fleet we’d be responsible for anything they did having got that information, and history shows that they’ve used violence in the past, in the most dangerous seas on Earth. For us, non-violence is a non-negotiable, precious principle. Greenpeace will continue to act to defend the whales, but will never attack or endanger the whalers…

In addition to being morally wrong, we believe the use of violence in protection of whales to be a tactical error. If there’s one way to harden Japanese public opinion and ensure whaling continues, it’s to use violent tactics against their fleet. It’s wrong because it puts human lives at risk, and it’s wrong because it makes the whalers stronger in Japan.source

So you know just what to do next time someone shoves a Greenpeace tin in your face,tell 'em feck off! I need me money for this lady I know.

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