Saturday, 5 February 2011

Teddy Joins Sea Shepherd For a Bit of Direct Action

We've seen a few campaigns together have Teddy and I. He first joined me when the batshit crazies were clamouring to chop the head off that poor old Doris for calling a mate of Ted's, Mohammed. What was it the Old Man said, "As a species we are insane" And some!

Updated below, as and when.

Peter Hammarstedt. I have much respect for this young fellow-me-lad, from what I've seen of him.

Pete Bethune, he can have a bit too.

The all can in actual fact, every last one of them. To step on a boat like that, heading where it's heading, takes bottle. And to do so as a lubber, a lubber whose sum total of previous experience was perhaps an hour on the boating lake, takes a special kind of bottle. Respect to them all.

And no little amount for this fellow below, Chris Aultman, helicopter pilot, I hardly need spell out the dangers he faces flying a poxy little machine in those temperatures and over water to boot.
But if I say that of him, what can I say about the cameraman? Other than perhaps, "now that's what I call a passenger."

No doubt I'll get round to them all one by one, I wonder how Ted feels about flying, hmm....

Chris Aultman, helicopter pilot.

Never one to mince words.

He's a bugger is our Ted, he makes that Pete Bethune look like a pussy kit.

Teddy two swords, a slight hiccup in the design department.

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