Monday, 3 March 2008

Stop Your Bitching And Stop Your Whale Slaughter


Fuck the Japanese and their protest, you carry on lads.

The Japanese Government says anti-whaling protesters have hurled butyric acid onto a Japanese whaling ship off Antarctica, hurting four crew members.

The whalers responded by spraying the activists with water from four hoses.

The whaling ship Nisshin Maru and the Sea Shepherd vessel, Steve Irwin, came within 10 metres of each other during the exchange, which lasted over an hour until the activists had run out of missiles.

Japan's top Government spokesman Nobutaka Machimura says it is an unforgivable act and Japan strongly protests.

"This is an act that tries to unfairly harm the safety of a ship and crew that is acting within the law at sea," he said.more

Talking of whales I should think this big bugger putting in an appearance would get the old paddles moving a bit. story

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