Saturday, 12 January 2008

Japanese Whaling Fleet Located At Last

It's a pity it was by the wrong organisation, Greenpeace being the organisation that cares more about it's PR than the whales they are supposedly trying to protect.

When I say the wrong organisation I'm talking about Sea Shepherd, they're the boys, they don't ponce about when it comes to tackling the nasty nips.

BBC reporter Jonah Fisher, of all the names to have on an expedition like this, has been aboard the Greenpeace vessel Esperanza trying to locate the whaling fleet, but having located the nasty little fuckers they do not share the information with Sea Shepherd.

It becomes apparent when you read the story, but here's a sample of Sea Shepherd skipper Paul Watson talking to Jonah over the radio.
There is some good footage of Sea Shepherds encounters with the whaling fleet at the above link and lots more under the whales label.

Stressing his willingness (Watson) to co-operate "for the good of the whales", he's offered to share his helicopter and promised to publish the co-ordinates of the whaling fleet when he finds them. But for the most part his offers have been simply ignored.

Watson believes that Greenpeace has lost touch with the ideals of direct action which he says it stood for while he was an active member in the 1970s.

"If you want a story, I mean a real story, not about hanging banners and making whale snuff films then I would encourage you to follow our progress," he told me. "We are not down here to protest these killers - we are down here to stop them."

Greenpeace's strategy, when and if they find the whalers, is to deploy inflatable boats between the Japanese harpoons and the whales. It is a tactic which they call "protecting individual whales rather than targeting the whalers".more

Here's a short clip of Watson in action.

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