Saturday, 18 June 2011

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To anyone who has visited here recently, it will be all too apparent that I haven't updated the blog in weeks. The reason for that, in a nutshell, the feel good factor has deserted me, gone, disappeared.

These few words, themselves part of an introduction to a blog post entitled: Fukushima Ten Chernobyls Into the Sea, might go some way to explaining my feelings. Whereas I am well aware there is still much to be blogged about, for the moment I have no heart for any of it.

What I have been doing in the meantime, is blogging quite extensively about the ongoing situation in and around the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear complex. I like to think my efforts give an informative account without going overboard on the technicalities and minutiae. Should you wish to avail yourself, all information can be found under the ''Japan'' tag at Only in America.

Fukushima Ten Chernobyls Into the Sea?

What really pisses me off about the criminally, I was about to say negligent, but a much more sinister word is required to describe the actions of both TEPCO and the Japanese government, but whatever. The real pisser here is the way both parties are playing fast and loose with the welfare of the next generation, confirmed when you read things like this.

Nonetheless children have been observed attending schools while bulldozers were removing the radioactive soil from their playgrounds outside. Amidst global protests, the Japanese government has weakened (increased) the limits of allowable radiation exposures to children. See this update: Witch Doctor Shunichi Yamashita to Head Fukushima Health Study

As I say. it's far from negligent, it's criminal. What chance do they have, poor little buggers?

The dire situation in Japan is the fundamental reason I cannot find the heart to currently blog, through my assistant Teddy, about the Japanese whaling industry. While I still feel the same animosity towards whalers and dolphin hunters, and shark finners, I mustn't forget those bastards, going so far as to say, if every boat in all three fleets went down with all hands, it would be a case for celebration not sadness, I cannot direct my ire at a nation facing doomsday. And it is, make no mistake about that. more

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