Monday, 14 March 2011

Paul Watson I'm Disgusted With You

You sound no different to Gerry bloody Falwell and Pat fuckin' Robertson, and you say you don't do supernatural, what an insensitive cunt you are.

And the same goes for all you luvvie cunts that 'liked' it.

You're no better than these callous cunts featured here.

Captain Paul Watson

Neptune’s voice rolled like thunder thru the sky
Angrily he smote the deep seabed floor
From the shore echoed mankind’s mournful cry
......The sea rose up and struck fast for the shore

From out of the East with the rising sun
The seas fearful wrath burst upon the land
With little time to prepare or to run
Against a power no human can stand

Here is Paul Watson's disclaimer. What I can believe is, that poetry is an eruption from the heart, how much more of it I can, I don't know. But whatever I believe, I believe your judgement and your timing suck.

"Captain Paul Watson: This was simply a poem about the power of nature. It was not anti-Japanese. People, I wrote this poem when five of my crew were lost. We did not know for over 40 hours if they were alive or dead. This poem was not written out of insensitivity to the people on shore. No it was written because I felt the need to understand and express my deep concern for my crew and all the people in the path of this tsunami. For those who say this is karma, all I can say is that you do not understand the concept of karma. Nature does not discriminate. My people on shore and the average citizen of Japan on shore were equals in the face of this tragedy. Japan did not deserve this disaster nor would I ever imply that they did. But we must acknowledge that we take the awesome power of nature for granted and thus we are shocked when that power is unleashed. Let's remember that famous line, "ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee." I had friends on that forlorn shore and I was not insensitive with my poem - the words came in response to the tragedy and I have long accepted that poetry is an eruption from the heart and is not to be denied. Those words came to me in response to the threat to my friends. From the shore mankind's cry was indeed heard. And before such power no human can stand. This is simply an acknowledgement of the truth and not anti-Japanese in any way. A good poem provokes thought and discussion and stimulates the reader emotionally and each person sees and feels what their heart leads them to see and feel and we all see and feel things in different ways. I make no apology for my two verses - they are words delivered without any intent to offend but with the intent to provoke an emotional response. The comments on this thread have shown me that my poem accomplished just that".

Which is all very well,but how can you, even given poetic licence, quote the supernatural, knowing what I know of you? And it is the supernatural that you are quoting, because for the love of me, I can't see how you can quote/equate this very real event with the mythical.

Update: For all that has been said, be me and many others, let me just re-affirm my position.

I stand by Paul Watson, SSCS and Sea Shepherd Org, as firmly and as unequivocally today, as I have ever done.

Whaling has ceased in the Southern Ocean because of the tenacity of one man and one man alone, and of course those that came forward and said, "Thy will be done"

As unchanged as my position is Regarding Paul Watson, it is equally unchanged regarding whalers, shark finners and dolphin killers. Remaining as they are in my opinion, unfit to be included in any group people who are worthy of the tag, civilised human being. If not indeed, belonging to a sub-species of homo sapien unique to themselves.

For the Oceans, for the animals.
Support Sea Shepherd.Org


  1. Watson posted this poem within 24 hours of the quake happening. I assume that it took him at least a little time to compose the poem unless it simply springs forth from his heart. So I guess his claim that he wrote the poem because he was worried about his people since he hadn't heard from them for over 40 hours is just bullshit! Nah, Watson really stuck his foot in it this time and he's trying to backpedal out of it.

  2. Watson in the wrong, is still worth more than any thousand whalers.